WebEpic is an imaging service that photographs snapshots of websites.
Sites change and evolve, they load at different times, sometimes they go offline.
Photographing websites can be as difficult as photography in the real world.
WebEpic operates 24/7 shooting the 1000's of sites it knows about.
It does it at random every few months, or whenever a user clicks on any snapshot.
After it has taken a snapshot of each site, it compares the shot to the previous shot (if it has one),
if it has changed significantly then it keeps the previous version, you can see the effect by floating your mouse over the site image below - it shows the versions of the site.
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D L A Design
09 Jun

D L A Design

DLA Design is a practice of architects, technologists, landscape architects, masterplanners, interior designers and graphic artists. We employ over 100 staff across three offices. Located in Leeds, London and Manchester the company has undertaken a wide range of work across the UK. Work sector specialisms, include Learning, Sport, Industry, Care, Workplace, Homes, Retail, Conservation and Re-use.

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